Boss Quality – Your choice

You had a choice  :

To enable me

Or to control me.

You chose control.


You had a choice:

To watch me GROW

To help me grow

To feed me.


And so you chose to leave me


To ignore me, starve me;

At other times to stifle me, ZAP me.


See the goodness,

See the weakness.

You were quick to see the weakness.

To build or to destroy:

An easy choice for your deployment,

Or your enjoyment.


To be a coach or mentor

Was not in your inventory.

Out of your sight to catch me

Doing something right.

To play to my strengths

Did not make sense to you.

You had a choice

You made your choice.

I had no choice except to go.

And so

Thank you for the freedom you

Have given me.


I find I have a choice:

I am not a victim,

I am a volunteer.

I am not a prisoner,

I am a pioneer

Of other new horizons.

I choose to find them,

I choose to go.

Je ne te venra pas bientot

I will not see you again soon