Shared Services

Over the past 15 years there has been a rapidly growing trend for medium to large sized organisations to leverage the scale of their operations by restructuring their back office functions of Finance, HR and IT into a shared services group. Finance was the first function to do this back in the mid 80's where companies were able to streamline finance processes such as procurement to pay (P2P) from several units of operations into one centralised shared services function. Consistency, improved effectiveness and cost efficiency were the outcomes.

After Dave Ulrich wrote his famous article “The HR Value Proposition on the future organisational model for Human Resources functions” in 1995, many companies were quick to re-organise their HR functions into the “Triangle Model” of specialist functions – Centres of Expertise for bench-marking industry best practice and thought leadership, policy and program design, Strategic HR Business Partners working at the Senior Management table on Organisation Change , Talent & Performance Management, and as an equal partner: Shared Services, owning and delivering transactional excellence in key repeatable HR processes such as Annual Salary review, performance appraisals, employee life-cycle data management, recruitment administration, learning and development program support. etc.

Now over 20 years later 86% of medium to large sized companies have installed HR Shared Services functions, and many others are thinking about doing so. The high returns on cost efficiency and consistency and effectiveness arising from scaling up HR operations, often running into millions of pounds/dollars/euros, is the tremendous incentive.

At Simon Brown Associates we have strong evidence- based belief in the value that right-fit Shared Services design and deployment can bring to an organisation and the opportunity which arises for functions such as Finance and HR to become true enabling functions for the business.

Drawing on this extensive knowledge and experience gained, together with extensive benchmarking of best practice globally, Simon Brown Associates can provide you with quality advice and consulting for your Shared Services function in the areas of:


Shared Services Design

  • Understanding and defining which processes and sub processes will be included in the Shared Services Model.
  • Mapping “As is” and “To be” processes.
  • “Sizing” the work in order to be clear on volume of work transferring to Shared Services and thus enable adequate resourcing to meet the demand.
  • Defining Tier 0, Tier 1 and Tier 2 scope of work to give role clarity using the RACI model.
  • Developing standard operating procedures, call scripts and service desk call routing.
  • Shaping Governance agreements and upfront stakeholder engagement through Service Propositions and Service / Operating Level Agreements.
  • Developing role profiles and organisation structures for the new shared services team.
  • Designing a selection process and appropriate communications and marketing of the new roles.


Shared Services Deployment

  • Management of the selection process, equipping hiring managers with interview skills and interview guides.
  • On boarding program design and advice.
  • Governance measurement – metrics, key performance indicators, customer satisfaction surveys, stakeholder engagement, management routines.
  • Consulting in Continuous process performance improvement & operational excellence.


To find out how we can help you with your Shared Services needs contact us at Simon Brown Associates for an initial informal discussion.